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  Represented companies  


JSC ”Eksortus” is the official representative of the following companies in Lithuania and Baltic countries:

SOE «Ekast» (Estonia)
Radioactive safety products, water purification and gas treatment chemical products
OJSC  “Тurboatom” (Ukraine)
One of the world-wide leading companies specializing in turbine production for heat power plants and hydroelectric power plants, hydraulic turbines for hydroelectric power plants and  hydraulic accumulator power plants, gas turbine production for heat power plants, vapour-gas equipment and other power equipment
Scientific-production association “NPO Znamya truda named after I.I. Lepse (Russia)
The production of  special and all-purpose pipe fittings for nuclear power plants and power plants with nuclear reactors
SERGI (France)
The development and production of  explosion protection system and fire-extinguishing system on oil transformers from 0,1 MVA to 1000 МВА, as well as for on-load tap chargers on voltage adjuster under pressure and entrance bushing
JSC “Arman” (Russia)
The manufacturer of the equipment and integrator of  modern industrial communication system, dispatch signals and warning for the enterprises of industrial sector 
PKP ”Stalprom” (Ukraine)
Pipe goods of different types 
JSC “Balakovorezinotechnika” (Russia)
The manufacturer  of general mechanical rubber goods

JSC “Elektrozavod” (Russia)
The leading producer of transformer equipment in Russia and in the world
JSC «Moskovskiy zavod polimermetalov» (Russia)
The development and production of the monitoring, control and protection units for nuclear power reactors ВВЭP -1000, PБМК-1000/1500, БН-600, research and industrial  reactors, as well as for reactor facilities of special-quality

JSC «Tribo» (Ukraine)
The largest enterprise inside Ukraine and CIS producing brake, frictional and sealing materials 
JSC «Energomash» (Russia)
The production of power boilers and pipe fittings, conduits for heat power plants and nuclear power plants, gas turbines, turbo and hydraulic turbine generators,  equipment for oil-and gas complex, huge water and chemical pumps, transformers, high-voltage equipment, metal wares, small gas turbine cogeneration plants

JSC «NPO Saturn» (Russia)
Engineering and production of gas turbine equipment and technologies
LLC TD «Penztiazhpromarmatura» (Russia)
Industrial pipe fitting, applied in heat and atomic engineering,  chemical, oil, gas and other industry


LLC «Yugo-Kamskiy mashinostroytelnyj zavod» (Russia)
The producer of pipe fittings and oil-field equipment 
JSC «PenzChimMash» (Russia)
The equipment for petroleum refining, chemical, food and other industry, modular gas stations, arc welding electrodes 
JSC «Chimmed» (Russia)
The development and supply of reagents, substances, laboratory and technological equipment, autochemistry, biochemistry and bioengineering,  analytic equipment and decontamination facilities 
JSC «Zavod Invertor» (Russia)
Continuity of service systems, current control cabinet units, investors, ac/dc converters, telecommunication and power-supply systems, thyristor commutation widgets, voltage changers and constant-voltage regulators, low voltage complete devices, cabinets and shelf stands  for electric batteries, thyristor actuators
JSC «Silovyie mashyni» (Russia)
The development and supply of complex solutions in power-plant engineering field, including engineering, production, supply, installation, service and modernization of the equipment for heat power plants, nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power plants and gas turbine power plants 
JSC MOSTRO (Czech Republic)
The production of industrial fitments, globe valves and gate valves for power engineering 
JSC MSA (Czech Republic)
The producer of industrial fitments ( valves, butterfly valves, globe valves, dedicated fitments for atomic power engineering), produced according to CSN, API, ANSI, DIN and GS (ГОСТ ) standards
Aumator OY (Finland-Germany)
The production and supply of electric actuators for stop and control valves


A+R Armaturen GmbH (Germany)
The producer of ball valves
Fujikin (Japan)
The producer of stop and control valves, fitments for extreme pressure (under 2 000 bar)
EFAR (Poland)
Ball valves
ARMAK (Poland)
Production of industrial fitments
POLNA (Poland)
Equipment for industrial automation, automation for cogeneration-based district heating, one-shot lubricating system, distilling equipment applied in different industrial fields
Remote Control (Sweden)
Manufacturer of pneumatic and electric actuator for valves 
Ahlberg Electronics (Sweden)
Engineering and production of video control system for atomic energetics
KVC (China)
Industrial fitment production


JSC “Institute “Orgenergostoi” (Russia)
Organization and accomplishment of different types of project-survey, construction, research, technological and implementation works for electric power engineering plants (including nuclear power plants, heat power plants, hydropower plants, power transmission lines), ols-and-gas complex, transportation of oil and other energy and industrial objects.


Taprogge (Germany)

Designer and producer of unique water and other liquids filtering systems


KE-ARM (Czech Republic)

Producer of ball valves and check valves


JSC “NPO VEI Electoisoliacija” (Russia)

Generators for steam and gas turbines


JSC “Proletarsky zavod” (Russia)

The enterprise specializes in marine and power engineering. The enterprise creates ship mechanisms, systems and complexes, that in certain cases do not have any analogues in home industry. Furthermore, the enterprise manufactures different types of pumps for power industry.


Ganz Holding (Hungary)

Manufacture and turn-key installation of hydraulic machines, pumps, turbines, hydraulic brakes, oil drilling equipment, piston pumps, nuclear power plant machinery.


Basler Electric (France)

Digital excitation, control and protection systems for generators and synchronous motors of any type



Production of welded pipeline fittings of 2000 mm diameter, wall thickness – up to 50 mm, pig traps with up to 400 bar pressure and -50°C ÷ +200°C temperature range


JSC “AtomTruboprovodMontazh” (Russia)

Production of fittings (branches, T-branches, reducers, etc.) and high and low pressure pipelines for nuclear and heat power plants.


Lugansk plant of pipeline fittings MARSHAL TM  (Ukraine)

The leading manufacturer of the Commonwealth of Independent States.


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