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JSC “Eksortus” is one of the major suppliers of pipe products in Lithuania.


We offer wide range of pipe products of various applications which is applied in oil and gas system, chemical and oil-and-gas  industry, power engineering and machine industry, housing and public economy.


The pipes and pipe products are made of carbon, stainless and creep-resisting steel, titanium and nickel alloy, bimetal and iron.


Welded pipes` diameter is from 8 mm till 2520 mm, wall thickness - from 1mm till 25 mm, and weldless pipes` diameter is from 1 mm till 426 mm, wall thickness - from 0,1 mm till 60 mm, as well as branches, T-branches, blinds, flanges, etc.


Besides, our company has the opportunity to supply covered pipes and profile details with polyethylene or  polyurethane coating according to EN 253, EN 448, EN 488, EN 489 standards, as well as polyethylene pipes of РЕ 80 and РЕ 100 class of  various applications.


We can supply not only circular pipes, but oval, square, rectangular and hexagonal sections.


We can supply any pipe production at special order, i.e. nearly all range at needs of the world market.


The supplied pipe goods meet International Pipe Standards (DIN, ASTM, API, UNI, etc.), Russian standard (GOST), Ukrainian standard (DSTU), Eurocode (EN) and technical specifications (ТS).


At customer`s will we meet  the delivery of goods of combined standard requirements.

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